Ultraviolet Plastisol

New and improved lure factory Ultraviolet non-phthalate plastisol melts quicker, has extra heat stabilizer, much better heat resistance and flows better in the melt stage.

Lure Factory Ultraviolet Plastisol has been created for a growing market of lure making specialists and hobbyists that like that extra confidence in there fishing products.

Ultraviolet Light is not visible to the naked eye but for the predator fish it is as extra sense that they use to hunt their prey.

Plastisol is the the first thing you will need to make any type of soft plastic fishing lure. Milky in consistency before heated and clear when cooked.

You can make any type of stick bait, swim bait, paddle tail, creature, worm, grub, frog, craw with lure factory plastisol.


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