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180ml Single Injector (6oz)

The lure factory 180ml (6oz) injector was the first uk aluminium injector with bayonet nozzle fittings, knurled nozzle grip and a high polished finish inside and out that could be purchased in the uk and made in the uk.

We have made our injectors cylinder out of a solid bar of aluminium, after machining the injector cylinder is polished inside and out to a very high standard. Polishing the injector means it is more durable and won’t ware as easy as unpolished aluminium, so you get longer life from your injector and it wont make the plastic dirty over time from ware and tare like unpolished budget injectors we have had in the past.

We have added two bayonet fittings on the cylinder for added safety, so the remainder of the plastic can be pushed out the injector without fear of the nozzle being pushed out of the end of the cylinder.

The nozzle has knurling for extra grip so it makes it easy and safe for opening and has a 15.50mm diameter nozzle tip that fits all hand injection aluminium/Stone molds which have a universal size of 16mm diameter. The nozzle is polished to a high standard to keep your plastic clean and the plunger has a smooth action for easy injection.

The shaft and handle screw together and when used with our mixing block and clamp a two shaft handle will replace the single handle so two injectors can be used for double injection.

When you buy a dual injector you get 2x 6oz injectors, the mixer block, dual handle clamp and handle to hold mixer block.


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