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The girthworm is more than just another stick bait to be slowly retrieved and twitch below the surface. The Girthworm can be moved across the surface at a fast pace to make it look like an escaping sand eel.

Cast out and as soon as the bait lands turn the bail arm over and wind fast. Sometimes crazy fast the first six to ten turns of the reel,

this erratic movement and splashing will get the fishes attention then reel fast enough to make the girthworm run across the surface of the water.

When the fish are in the mood you will have them smashing this lure out of the water and We have had bass from 20 yards come screaming towards the bait and smash it out the water.

I have caught many bass on this bait using this technique. It seems crazy to run a bait so fast I know but believe me if they want it they will catch it. they will chase a bait at speed when the conditions are right and when they are in the mood you will have some amazing fishing memories.

Babygirth 5 inch 12g


Juniorgirth 6 inch 22g


Adultgirth 7 inch 32g


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